These terms and conditions replace any and all previous terms and conditions made by the organizer.

Whether they accompany or while not the registration form.

Whether their endorsement by the administration was by email or not!

Even if they come through partnership, sponsorship or they were offered free booth by the Canadian Career Job Fairs Management.

By making a booking for a booth at the Job Fair of your choice of venue (venue), and paying a fee for the booth (Job Fairs Fee), you (the Exhibitor) are entering into an agreement between the Canadian Career Job Fairs Management Company Canadian Career Job Fairs (Organizer) and agree to the following terms as found on the Canadian Careers Job Fairs website.


Canadian Career Job Fairs disclaims and will not be responsible for any and all liability to any third party that may arise from acts or omissions of Canadian Career Job Fairs attendees, guests, or members, including but not limited to material damages to premises where the Canadian Career Job Fairs is held. Canadian Career Job Fairs further disclaims any liability or responsibility to attendees, guests, or members or sponsors, and any liability or responsibility for any injury, damage, or theft occurring as a result of participation in Canadian Career Job Fairs.


The assignment of space is on a first come, first served basis.  An exhibitor shall not assign to a third party its right hereunder to the Exhibit Space or any portion thereof. Only the exhibitor who signs the contract with Canadian Career Job Fairs will be allowed to use the exhibit space.

Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc. Reserves the right to cancel this contract and to expel the Sponsor/Exhibitor if the Sponsor/Exhibitor fails to comply with any terms and conditions of this contract or the event rules and regulations. In which case the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall forfeit as liquidated damages and not as a penalty all payments made pursuant to this contract. All without limiting Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc other rights and remedies at law under this contract as a result of such failure to comply.



Each exhibitor must name one person to be its official representative who will be responsible for the exhibit. This person will be identified on the exhibitor application form and will act as sole liaison between their organization and Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc.



Every exhibitor will have around 2-3 hours before the show to set up till the show starts.  The expulsion of void boxes/crates are only real obligation of the exhibitor and should be finished 15-20 minutes before the Show opens to take care of any detriments in the opening of the career job fair. The exhibitor consents to abide by the guidelines and deadlines for stall setup.  Within the event that any postponement, the exhibitor should inform the Canadian Career Job Fairs Management quickly.


Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc” reserves the right to decline or prohibit any exhibit, Sponsor/Exhibitor or proposed exhibitor Sponsor/Exhibitor, which is not in keeping with the character of the Canadian Career Job Fairs. This reservation covers persons, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs and emblems affecting the character of the exhibit. B. No exhibits will be permitted which interfere with the use of other exhibits or impede access to them or impede the free use of the aisle. Booth personnel, including demonstrators, hostesses, and models, are required to confine their activities within the exhibitor’s booth space. Apart from the specific display space for which an exhibiting company has contracted with Canadian Career Job Fairs, no part of the Canadian Career Job Fairs venue and its grounds may be used by any organization other than



Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect exhibitor’s property during installation, during the Canadian Career Job Fairs and removal.  However, Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc”, its partners, volunteers, or staff will not accepts liability for injury to persons or loss of or damage to products, exhibits, equipment or decorations by fire, accident, theft or any other howsoever and whether directly from any action or cause whatsoever undertaken, organized or sponsored by Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc”, its partners, volunteers or staff.

Sponsor/Exhibitor must carry appropriate insurance to cover display materials against damage and loss, and public liability against injury to the person and property of others. Exhibitors must have a copy of their insurance policy on hand to present it upon request.


Contract for Exhibit Space:

A completed registration form, upon acceptance by Canadian Career Job Fairs Inc” together with the full payment of the registration fee, constitutes a contract for rental of the space, assigned by Canadian Career Job Fairs management. Any exhibitor failing to occupy space is not relieved of the obligations of paying the full rental price.

In the event that exhibitor after the enrollment and assignment of show space neglects to partake within the Canadian Career Job Fairs throughout the time of the presentation, the nonattendance of that exhibitor would be taken as the termination of the Registration Form by that exhibitor. The exhibitor should pay all adequate cancelation’s expenses and additional penalty charges as expressed on the website, Exhibitor Welcome Kit along with the cancellation Terms and conditions below.  These charges will be an addition to the booth registration.  However, there are also a couple of exemptions by the utilization Canadian Career Job Fairs management. Exhibitors, should guarantee to communicate well with Canadian Career Job Fairs management for payment to dodge accumulations or prosecutions.


The exhibitors on no circumstances need to break apart his/her possessions before the close of the show. This should be done 15-20 Minutes after the closing of the presentation. The exhibitors are responsible for all shipping and handling costs resulting from failure to remove exhibit material from the Show floor.


Exhibitor Staff Badges can be picked up at the Employment/Career Expo registration table on-site during move-in. These Badges are needed for entry once the Employment/Canadian Career Job Fairs starts.

Please note name badges must be worn as provided at all times during the show.


The Exhibitor must ensure that:

(a) The booth is fully staffed and continually kept open throughout the course of the Career Jab Fair;

(b) Walkways are kept clear at all times;

(c) All space is kept clean and tidy and free from clutter at all times;

(d) Business is conducted in an appropriate manner from the booth considering the Venue, Organiser, other exhibitors and visitors.


Benevolently visit the profession/vocation/fair’s website for official contractors responsible for handling, receiving, and processing all exhibitor shipments. Official contractors will forward all shipments to the exhibitors’ booth, including materials arriving at the loading docks via the exhibitors own carriers and vehicles.


The Canadian Career Job Fairs management is not responsible for unforeseen conditions that can have an impact on the level of attendance such as weather conditions, problems with public transit, etc. However, the Canadian Career Job Fairs management will not reimburse (in part or in full) the registration costs of the Career/fair based on level of attendance. The Canadian Career Job Fairs management base their anticipated level of attendees on past Career Job Fairs’ average attendance.

NOISE. You should guarantee that the sound/ noise from your installation and other equipment used for your exhibition at your booth are kept to an acceptable level.


Crates/boxes can be stored behind exhibitor’s booths or neighboring booths 45 minutes prior to allow for area/aisle cleaning. Please ensure that all materials are properly stored during the Career/fair so that Safety and Fire Regulations can be met.


Solicitations and enrolling of candidates is entirely restricted to registered exhibitors.  Non-enrolled exhibitor/associations Representatives of other career fairs, employment, training, and education and Job/fairs or are not permitted to the venue of The Canadian Career Job Fairs visit the Employment.  In the event that any exhibitor and/or association is caught, this will result in lawful activities for unapproved solicitations and for not having regarded the principles and Canadian Career Job Fairs and MUST pay the full rental price of an job fair space in 10 days upon receipt of the invoice.