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Self-motivated, confident, with good leadership skills, a cooperative team player, work well under pressure, fluent in English and

Mandarin Chinese



Urban Green Energy Inc, New York, Mechanical FEA Engineer, April 2014 to present

·      CAE, FEA simulation on turbine composite blade, composite laminar stacking sequence analysis with ANSYS APDL. Using command scripts define fiber laminar information in shell element, obtain stress, strain value for prototyping and design purpose

·      Aerodynamic optimization and wind flow simulation for VAWT blade with ANSYS CFD, simulating turbine performance under directional wind boundary condition, obtaining air flow, pressure distribution at blade leading edge, and resultant torque value of each blade.

·      Manufacturing feasibility analysis on complex shape vacuum aid resin transfer molding, and Prepreg production of GFRP. Eliminating voids during resin transfer molding. Replacing it with Prepreg production for best fiber volume ratio.

·      SolidWorks 3D CAD modelling for wind turbine and blade Mold, overcome de-molding issue with a twisted blade shape. Turbine parts library maintenance.

·      Redesign blade structures for cost saving, and for stress safety factor requirement for certification. Reducing internal structure while minimizing blade bending stiffness reduction.

·      Supplier manufacturing quotation of complex internal spar structure, optimizing similar stiffness by alternative material
Vestas Technology R&D Chicago and Colorado USA, Mechanical FEA Engineer, Feb 2011 to April 2014

·      CAE. FEA simulation (ANSYS global/sub-model) on turbine structural parts, non-linear stress strain analysis.

·      Fatigue life estimation on turbine parts/modules, safety reserve factor determination, assurance of 20 yrs service.

·      Nacelle skeleton redesign: computer structural simulation, supplier quotation, supervision of prototype installation

·      Communicating U.S. suppliers cost reduction idea to Denmark HQ, interpreting commercials beneficial changes into engineering solution, and presenting it at technical review meeting calibrating with Denmark, U.S. and India.

·      ANSYS loading cycle analysis, efficient post possessing command script for directional stress extraction

·      Turbine DNV structural certification report. Analysis of material stress limit according IEC 61400-1

·      Pro/Engineer 3D CAD modelling on turbine parts, efficient in advance assembling in PDM link

·      Familiar with ASTM and EN structural steel difference, have been doing localization to accommodate ASTM and GB requirement according to EN standard, eliminate the needs of importing EU material.

·      Design concept and commercial cost reality analysis between Vestas and supplier, includes visiting supplier facility, supplier ability assessment. Ended results in deest design concept with most commercial beneficial for Vestas (Chicago, Beijing and Denmark), and implementation of part with best cost to function ratio.


Vestas Technology R&D Beijing China, Mechanical FEA Engineer, June 2009 to Feb 2011

·       In-service turbine structural failure analysis via ANSYS Workbench and APDL, efficient in command scripting for post-processing

·      Product upgrade: simplification of production process and design concept, alternative material substitution

·      Design concept and commercial cost reality analysis between Vestas and supplier, includes visiting supplier facility, supplier ability assessment.

·      Technical support to sales team, evaluating customer request into turbine performance, hence best deliver variety of turbine combination to satisfy customer’s needs and wind farm requirement. i.e. turbine blade length, power output (has to be compatible with local grid requirement), turbine height, and output efficiency

·      Component cost reduction, includes part size and thickness reduction, shape redesign, via ANSYS FEA (Finite element analysis) calculation results. The results are composed into engineering report, and was presented in each technical review meeting to chief specialists

·      Turbine cost reduction on new version release, includes upgrading/redesign current fleet. Cost reduction including evaluation of commercial information on production cost; simplify production process, design concept; alternative material selection; eliminating un-useful part, especially on composite nacelle cover.

·      Attended ANSYS classic training in Sweden with EDR (www.edr.no), ANSYS workbench training with ANSYS Asian Pacific. Familiarized with command input in ANSYS classic, sub-modeling, bolt stress analysis; introduction training in Fatigue Wizard (Vestas in house Fatigue Analysis software).

·      Familiar with ECM (Engineering Change Management) system


Airbus, Stress Engineer, Beijing China, May 2008 to May 2009

·      Crack propagation analysis of ISO-Grid stiffener concept on A350 XWB fuselage, with SAMCEF (BACON command script)

·      Composite impact test data analysis, linear relationship investigation between impact energy and crack depth/length


Imperial College London
MSc Advanced Composite Material

Nottingham University
BEng Mechanical Engineering

Morphing Wing Design, Imperial College London, UK, 2006 to 2007

A final MSc project, involving designing a thin wing skin with morphing capability at one corner, simulating warping of bird’s wings, therefore achieve changing direction for airflow, and resulted in best adapted aerodynamic shape. This concept could be used in rotor blade, (i.e. turbine blade) to manipulating flow path according to control input.

·      Fiber orientation, layup sequence optimization for achieving corner morphing of small scaled wing with piezo-ceramic actuator

·      Handmade sample: dry carbon fiber preparation, hand layup, resin impregnation and curing

·      Experiment and FEA results comparison for validation of the consistency between experiment and FEA results

Electro-Magnetic Bearing Structural Design, Nottingham University, UK, 2004-2005

A final year BEng project founded by Royce-Rolls, Parallel-Airgap Serial Flux (PASF) magnetic bearing, includes fitting coils, which connected to three-phase power supply, in a very limited space on a stator disc.

·      Designing the disc with a special orientation of the coils using AutoCAD for 3D visualization.

·      Sample is made from milling aluminum disc with computer programed milling machine

·      Test performed to verify the feasibility of the concept.




·       Engineering: finite element analysis, structural and stress analysis, solid mechanic, fluid dynamic, electrical motors, mathematical techniques in engineering, system control, machine dynamics, manufacturing and design process, inter-lamina stress analysis

·       PC: ANSYS APDL and Workbench, AutoCAD, ProEngineer/ProMechanica, SolidWorks,Patran, Nastran, Samcef, Matlab

·       Hobbies: tuning cars, snowboarding, skating, surfing, basketball, hiking, movies and music, gaming



MSc Composite Material at Imperial College London


BEng Mechanical Engineering at Nottingham University

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