Faray Omer Shahid


Mechatronics Systems Engineer

Toronto, ON, Canada

FARAY SHAHID (EIT) Mechatronics Engineer
505 Sundown Cres, Pickering, ON
•Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills; positive and professional attitude honed through experience in providing technical/engineering support in a diverse range of projects
•Knowledge of application related to Engineering standards for Ontario/Canada &engineering standards, bylaws and related national and provincial codes
•Field investigation techniques; Knowledge of applicable health & safety legislation, including the rights and duties of workers
•Proven ability to use analysis tools to iterate solutions optimizing system performance and component contributions; supports creation of systems using management tool sets
•Demonstrated problem solving skills and root cause analysis of system issues, along with development testing and data collection in support of system performance
•Effective problem solving skills; excellent ability to remember details, situation and clients in order to provide fast and efficient customer service
Core competencies
Data Mining & Analysis Brief Notes & Modelling Project Management Operational Excellence Relationship Building Brief Notes & Modelling Project Management Relationship Building Quotations & Proposals Streamlining & Efficiency Research & Analysis Project Management Process Improvements
Professional Experience
2015 – 2015
Systems Test Engineer (8 months) TransLink (Transportation Company,New Westminster,BC)
•Carried out various product and process technical assignments by collecting, analyzing, measuring, testing, summarizing trends for improved working of sky-trains and buses
•Configured devices used by transit customers for validation by TransLink security personnel for inspection purposes on sky trains/buses
•Handled query development for extraction of data from back-end database. Used SCADA system to obtain the raw data, in database.
•Created automated tapping device using micro-controller and stepper motor; gathered valuable experience in quality assurance, testing, project management & risk analysis
Microsoft Office, LogixPro-500 (PLC), Master Cam, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, APM 2.0
2016 – 2016
Lead Engineer (6 months) Robo-onics (Quad-copter Prototyping,Surrey,BC)
•Collaborated with a team of five students to develop a quadcopter to help prevent forest fires; successfully created the system
•Led team and planned project including resources to be used; conducted technical and business analysis to improve the quadcopter
•Used APM planner, MATLAB, C, SIMULINK, MS Office, SolidWorks, AutoCAD
•Constructed and analyzed manufacturing costs by reviewing sketches & blueprints
•Produced detailed specifications and outlined designs with features such as thermal imaging, autonomous flight and object detection
•Developed a fully working smart quadcopter using Raspberry PI and Navio+ MCU for early detection of wild forest fires
Simulink, Python, PCB design, Soldering, Oscilloscope, Inverters, Transducers, CMM
Maple, SketchUp, CoventorWare, C#, sheet/Strip Bender, Drill Press, Grinder, Mitre Saw and Lathe
Visual Basic, C++, HTML, Object Studio, 123D Catch, LabVIEW, RobotC, SCADA
ANSYS, Oasis, MATLAB, Code composer, SSC-32 Servo Sequencer, GD&T
•3D Printing(Rapid Prototyping)
•CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
•Six sigma -yellow belt
•Worker health & safety awareness
2012 – 2016
Mechatronics Systems Engineering Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC) Bachelors of Applied Sciences Mechanical CADD Kwantlen Polytechnic University Certificate
2014 – 2014
2011 – 2011
Process Control Engineer (5 months) Crown Foam (Foam Manufacturing)
•Provided technical support for plant layouts, facility improvements, purchase of equipment, upgrade of equipment and feasibility studies;
•oversaw machinery and over 20 employees, to maintain constant temperature in automotive production line
•Designed & implemented cost-effective equipment modifications that improved safety & reliability that reduced product cost by 22%
Jun – 2016
Mechanical Truss/Electronic Interface Circuit Design Mechatronics Design 2
•Worked in a group to design a mechanical arm; performed analysis and its construction while taking on the mechanical designer, team leader, tester and programmer roles
•Used ANSYS, SolidWorks, MS Office, Simulink, MATLAB, AutoCAD, Ki CAD
•Built a truss after analyzing three different structures and included a redundant link; successfully designed and built the electronic power stage to be utilized with permanent magnet
Sep – 2014
Industrial Control Trainer Sensors and Actuators
•Collaborated with group to program Industrial Control System; used software such as LABVIEW, MS Office, NI MAX
•Programmed a conveyor belt system to mimic assembly line, using LABVIEW & NI MAX; lined hardware components to software and ensured sensors and actuators were jointly used for three step assembly process: sorting, assembly, acceptance/rejection
Jun – 2016
Robotic Arm Controller Manufacturing Systems
•Liaised with a group to control a robotic arm; conducted programming, testing and resource planning
•Used SSC-32 Servo Sequencer, MATLAB, Microsoft Office
•Studied the relation between MATLAB generated values and motion generated by the arm while keeping track of torque and velocity
•Successfully calculated EV values into SSC-32 servo sequencer for robotic arm manipulation; used forward and inverse kinematics matrices to generate continuous controlled motion to develop a structure using equal sized rectangular blocks
Feb – 2016
Dual Compressor Simulator Industrial Controls
•Collaborated in a team to design and control a dual simulator; led team in all aspects of the project, from testing to programming
•Used LogixPro-500(Allen Bradley)-PLC, Microsoft Office
•Programmed system to behave according to the positioning of the selector switch, which had various options for pressure switches and discharge flow rates



Mechatronics Systems Engineer at Simon Fraser University

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