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So many job seekers are seeking for employment and information services they want in order to get jobs and stay employed.

It Is An Opportunity To Network:-

One of the main advantages of attending The Canadian Career Job Fair is the opportunity to meet, engage and connect with new people in diverse situations. Whether it’s at the registration desk, exploring the exhibits or just cruising around the fair, it can provide a unique opportunity to expand your network in several ways, both individually and professionally.

It Is An Occasion To Hone Your Skills:-

Attending a job fair is a way of “putting yourself out there” in a low-risk, non-threatening situation, one in which employers are there for the explicit purpose of meeting and engaging in conversation with job seekers. Attending a job fair offers a unique opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in essential job search skills which include:

  • Asking good questions in a clear and concise manner!
  • Initiating conversation, with comfort and eas!
  • Developing good listening skills!
  • Presenting yourself in a professional manner!
  • Introducing yourself with calm and confidence!
  • Excellently responding to interview questions!
  • Gathering job market information and,
  • Following up on job leads or other opportunities to engage with local employers!

Career Exploration:-

Job seekers who choose carefully where and for whom they work are always happier in their jobs than those who just take any job that becomes available. This is the reward that comes with making an “informed choice”. Attending The Canadian Career Job Fair is a terrific way to expand your horizons about the variety of employers and service providers in your community, for people who are looking for career direction; The Canadian Career Job Fair provides a perfect setting to explore your options! You can get these kinds of information:

  • Feasible career tracks within specific industries;
  • Employment prospects within specific companies; and
  • Likely training, internship, mentorship or job-shadowing opportunities


An Opportunity To Attend Engaging Workshops:-

The Canadian Career Job Fair provide free seminars for job seekers delivered by experienced trainers on essential and timely subjects relevant to their job searches. These workshops equip the job seeker with effective and practical tools and new ideas.

Direct Contact With Employers

One of the greatest problems of the job search is getting “face time” with the people who make the decisions. For many, the greatest benefit of a job fair is to save the time, effort, and discouragement that can result from sticking with more impersonal job search methods like mailing resumes or responding to Internet postings. The truth is that having the opportunity to meet you in person, hear your voice or see your smile, could make all the difference in their decision to get your resume or application in the right hands! Why not take advantage of this knowledge and attend The Canadian Career Job Fair?

The Advantage Of Being In A Community:-

The truth is that the job search can be an overwhelming experience and a challenging effort for people in all fields. It is not unusual for job seekers to feel alone in their efforts to find employment. An antidote to this feeling of isolation is having the experience of being part of a larger community of people who share the same challenges while reaching for their own dreams. Such an involvement can shape your self-confidence, renew a sense of belonging.

Canadian Career Job Fair is the perfect opportunity to network, connect and collect information about new job opportunities with recruiters and employers who wants to hire and learn about professional programs and training services. The best part is that it’s available to help job seekers.

The Career Job Fair also provides a recruitment platform for employers who want to recruit and hire a diverse group of qualified candidates seeking employment, as well as inspiration and information on training and other career information and resources to help them achieve their career goals. “The best part is that, Canadian job fairs are FREE to attend”.

Make up your mind to attend the Canadian Career Job Fair this time around.

Don’t forget to register your CV Resume online and bring along multiple copies to the Career Job Fair. http://www.canadiancareerjobfairs.ca/submit-resume/

A few good reasons why job seekers must attend career fairs:-

  1. Interview: Employers (Optional) can carry out-in-the-field interviews (with selected candidates). It is likely that investigators can immediately take a decision on employment on the spot and they may decide to contact you for an interview at the office.
  1. Get a job and start your dream career: Employers want to know you. They want to hear from you. They want to see you in person. They want candidates who can offer the best value for their organizations. Therefore this fair increases your chances for an interview and possibly hire.
  1. Gain experience. As you get to meet other employers, you are opportune to communicate with them and the sharper will be your interview skills. It is a powerful tool for building trust and communication with employers, human resource managers, recruitment companies and recruiters in the field.
  1. Be contacted by recruiters before the Job Fair. When you register online or at the door, your resume will be online for employers (if necessary). If you register online and participate in the Job Fair, you will be asked to send a copy of your resume file. This program will be shared with all HR managers and hiring companies that have direct and immediate employment opportunities. “The best part is that, Canadian job fairs are FREE to attend”.

Don’t forget to register your CV Resume online and bring along multiple copies to the Career Job Fair. http://www.canadiancareerjobfairs.ca/submit-resume/

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